Sisterlocks Suites

Sisterlocks is a natural hair solution created by Dr. Joanne Cornwell.


They are small even locks that offer you complete versatility. Curl it, Wave it, Braid it, Tong it, you can do just about anything with your locks.

This is your opportunity to ask all you would like to know about Sisterlocks, get sample locks put in your hair and if you are ready for the plunge book for your locking session usually after four weeks from the date of your consultation.


Remember Sisterlocks are permanent and we do need at least an inch and a half of natural hair growth to install.

Free Consultation

Locking sessions take can take 10 hours or more with a minimum of 400 individual locks depending on the length, texture and density of your natural hair.


We provide you with absolute comfort during your installation including DSTV, Wifi, Magazines, Music in a private suite. We also have Starter Packs available consisting of the essentials to maintain your Sisterlocks.


Your next visit will be booked four weeks after your Sisterlocks installation.


 Although you can wash your hair at home using your starter-pack you are also welcome to visit our lather lounge every fortnight to have your locks professionally washed and styled.


We schedule all re-tightening visits at 4-6 week intervals and a typical session usually lasts between 2 to 3 hours.


For clients with well-matured Sisterlocks we recommend a grooming session lasting for about an hour or more to sheer off any loose strands from the individual locks and to fill any gaps along the locks.


During the settling-in phase some clients may experience some unravelling along the hairline.


We offer half hour sessions or more to tidy up your hairline. Unravelling may also occur due to excessive sweating or wetting during showers.

Hair Line Tidy

Treat yourself to a professional wash in our lather lounge with a complimentary head massage.


Your Loctician will style your hair for that important function or simply to give you a new look for the week.

Wash & Style

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